Olympium Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Toronto Canada

Date:May 18, 2012

Competitive Programs

Our highly successful competitive stream is a select group of athletes who are chosen on the basis of their physical potential, ability to accept and retain corrections and a keen desire to learn.

MINI PRE-COMPETITIVE: for ages 6 and under. Acceptance by assessment or Invitation only. No experience necessary. Training: 4 hours per week. This level involves more intensive training with a concentration on the development of basic body and apparatus skills.

PRE-COMPETITIVE: for ages 7 and up, is a stepping-stone towards the competitive streams. Training is geared to a more detailed approach to learning advanced flexibility, co-ordination, balance, and strength. Fundamental skills and guidelines, including self-discipline and self-training are taught to prepare for entry to the competitive streams. Acceptance is by assessment or invitation only.

INTERCLUB: It is the first step from the pre-competitive to competitive program. Gymnasts must be at least 7 years old in the calendar year to enter the program. Athletes train 9 hours a week. The training will prepare gymnasts to compete in one individual and/or one group routine.

PROVINCIAL AND NATIONAL: Gymnasts train 13 to 24 hours per week. Participation in the program requires rhythmic gymnastics experience and a physical assessment, which is available upon request.

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